Who is the hottest luxury brand recently? You can't think of it, Burberry!

This Burberry February fashion show just ended and it was a sensation! All the counters were encircled, and they couldn't get in line. And many of the single products that the buyer intends to buy have already been sold out. In the end, it only went to France to receive this double-faced trench coat.

People are also crazy, social media are crazy, the first wave of fresh fire started this season's hottest Burberry brothers and sisters began to post various of Burberry's latest models on Facebook, Snapchat, Ins...

All the fashion week show icons off the upper body often Burberry! The classic Plaid is endless, exposure is super!

What are you waiting for? Burberry's classic lattice is the climax of this season, becoming the most fashionable endorsement this year. Saying that Burberry hadn't tasted the taste of such a fire for some years was rare!

In 1924, Burberry's plaid first appeared on the lining of the trench coat. It was a plaid composed of four colors: black, red, white and brown.

In 1967, this check pattern was slowly used on umbrellas, bags and scarves. For a few years, a Polo Checkered Shirt

Plaid bag

This is a symbol of the rich, "nouveau" of the first choice, slowly people keep aloof from the body of this pattern. After more than 100 years today, designer Christopher Bailey reinterprets a small piece of fabric sample stored in the Burberry fashion archive, adding neon elements to the classic plaid.

Burberry Plaid instantly returned to the altar, transformed into the most fashionable endorsement!

No.1 Vintage Check Cotton Trench Coat

No.2 Neon Vintage Check Shirt


No.3 Vintage Plaid Bag

Bags that were the most deserving of explosions, Bailey incorporated rainbows into Burberry's classic plaids and designed a series of super-sweet Bags. The most essential season! The most eye-catching! that's it!

No.4 Vintage Plaid Sneakers

Vintage Check Baseball Cap

In the past decade or so, there have been only a few changes in the design of classical plaids. The 2017 September fashion show is the arrival of Burberry's multi-element, multi-style era! Different from before, the lattice is more and more fashionable, and it has transformed into a fashion trend in which the whole body is a lattice! The whole body, the entire hat, the shoes are all lattices, what has become the most fashionable element!