This bag is the hottest IT Bag of the new season in 2018. At the autumn and winter fashion week that just ended, the major bloggers and influxes have their upper body and the street shoots, especially handsome!

Loewe's bags have always been pets in boys' eyes! This new IT Bag naturally became their new favorite.

This bag is just a GATE handbag from Loewe! Loewe's best-selling bag really is needless to say, universal Puzzle, all-matching fashionable Hammock, small and exquisite Barcelona and so on! Each one is the love of delicate girls!

The name Gate Bag is a little strange. Look closely at the side of the bag. There is a brass hose reed with the same appearance as the bullet. This is one of the inspiration sources of the door bag, and it is also the only hardware accessory of the whole bag. It doesn't have a zipper, and it doesn't have a metal buckle because it doesn't need any hardware to embellish it.

People who bought Loewe bags know that its home leather has always been an example to the industry. The Gate Bag has a large area of calfskin stitching, smooth and pliable leather, probably this is the kind of traditional Jonathan Anderson wants. The craftsmanship has a long-lasting flavor.

The biggest highlight of the Gate Bag is the knot design on the bag. The flip cover is inserted into the knot, which is very practical, but it also plays a decorative role. The sagging two leather knots have a nice stylish proportion, making the bag look like There is a primitive sense of retro art.

Gate Bag This vintage bag comes from the Saddle Bag. Almost all the century-old big names have been affected by equestrian sports. Loewe is no exception. Round contour lines, vintage textured leather, and flip caps. Buckle design, prototype is from here

After reading this article, is it worthwhile to buy a bag? This happiness is only known to you!