The new designer, Natacha Ramsay-Levi, brought the cool design he was best at into the elegant and chic style of Chloé, creating a very advanced and casual one-quarter design. And, this season's bags are very exciting!

This season Chloé's T stage continues the previous bag design, adding new colors and patterns to Drew Bijou, Faye Day and Roy.

This also marks that Chloé's bags will no longer pursue new styles every season, but will put many classic styles to allow it to gradually evolve into classics over time. The Drew series and Faye series will continue to introduce more fashionable styles.

The dark stripe Drew Bijou, handsome!

Faye Day would have seemed pretty decent, this season has added a special favorite pony pattern, leaping pony full of the entire bag, so cute, good innocence! Is it much like the wallpaper of the little kid house?

The new Roy bag launched last season also appeared on the T stage this season!

This season, Roy's body has added a color pattern. Compared to the monochromatic color of the previous season, the bag has a special literary feeling.

In fact, it is not difficult to find, including the above Roy and Faye Day, Chloé big show this time the most appearing elements, is the Chloé classic pony design!

The Chloé pony design is in fact a tribute to the former designer's love of equestrianism. Until now, the door handle of the Chloé store was still a horse.

In the most recent season, the pony's forefoot lifted off the ground and its rear foot was ready for the Pentium. It looked particularly powerful. It was actually in line with Chloé’s independent female spirit.

Chloé Roy Bucket

One of the most popular singles in the pony pattern is Roy Bucket, which is my favorite Chloé bag this season.

The Roy Bucket bucket bag has a very thin handle that can be worn either shoulder-to-hand or hand-held. The material of the canvas at the bunch mouth is better than some leather beam mouths, and the canvas gives people a more casual feeling. It adds more personality to this small bucket bag, and does not appear boring or too mature.

There are also diamond-shaped grid styles, and diamond plaids made of metal rivets look delicate and more English style than the pony style.

Chloé Tao

Its square package can give people a feeling of loose freedom. Tao has four handles and four handles can be used. This design is a rare innovation in the bag.

Bags have suede and smooth leather stitching design, just like my definition of Chloé Girl, smart but also soft.

In the Tao package, you can still see the classic circle of Chloé round, but this time the metal ring used in the handle and bag convergence.

Chloé Tess

The biggest difference between Tess and Drew is that they have more leather straps. The long shoulder straps also have a wide shoulder strap design. They are more casual than the piggy bags, and are very suitable for cool girls, but they are also Will not be too handsome, usually with casual wear is also very reasonable. The ring on the front of the bag is the letter O in Chloe, representing Infinity Circle.

Well, Saw so many items in the latest season of Chloé, I do not know what is your favorite? Which Chloé bag did you recently bought?